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Hervé Le Jouan


I am a passionate entrepreneur and recognized leader in new technologies and innovations since the 90’s and have a unique mix of technology, business and management skills. 

Since then, I joined, co-founded or founded companies or non-profit organizations to launch and drive markets’ innovations around the world in various sectors such as AI, FinTech, Internet Technologies, Digital Media measurement, Digital Transformation, Mobile Marketing, Data Protection and Cyber Security. One of the companies I co-founded and led, NetValue, went public in 2000, became a Unicorn, and was acquired by Nielsen//NetRatings in 2002.

As a technology and market pioneer, I have more than a dozen patents under my name demonstrating my ability to anticipate and envision the next products and technologies. The last company I founded in 2010 and led until very recently, Privowny, developed a unique suite of solutions in the field of Data Protection and Security, anticipating GDPR requirements. 

As a charismatic leader with a strategic vision, I have been able to build, grow and lead the best teams in product marketing and design, development, and global distribution and sales. I have sealed multiple strategic partnerships with large international groups and have managed complex negotiations at C-Level. 

I have also an articulate opinion about Digital Sovereignty and I am a sought after speaker at business and technology events and a regular columnist on BSmart TV Channel - SmartTech.

Last but not least, as a person, I have a very strong sense of humanity that gives me an ability to recognize and bring out the best potential of each person, in combination with a strong sense of ethic and resilience.

Hervé Le Jouan
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