vikal kapoor

Vikal is an international executive, investor and futurist with a holistic view supported by deep insights and intel. He is highly proficient in strategy, sales and marketing to execute aggressive growth and special situations including partnerships, investments, exits and M&A. Vikal regularly works for HNI Investors, LPs and CxOs to identify, analyze and develop investment theses in private and public markets.

He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor groomed through the dynamism of Wall Street's global markets with leadership positions at Bloomberg, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America.


Over the last decade, Vikal has worked closely with 20+ early-stage tech companies on 4 continents ranging from finance to shipping to restaurants apps, platforms and intelligent tech (AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data & Analytics) to realize business growth, accelerate product innovation, harness best-of-breed tech, sign key partnerships, win investments and achieve exits.

Vikal has led the successful growth, turnarounds and exits of VC-, PE- and LP- backed financial markets, technology, services and marketing companies, including Bank of America’s Fixed Income Prime Brokerage to BNP (2009); Gild (2013); Adminex Financial Services (2014); EquityNet FinTech (2016) and blockchain technology company Dapps Inc (2018).


Vikal is an active angel investor and venture developer at Proton and Founding Partner at SevenTrainVentures. He works alongside top global executives on the Digital Transformation Committee for the World Economic Forum and on the Advisory Board and the US Telecom Exchange. He graduated from the University of Maryland and ESADE Business School, and lives in the New York/New Jersey region. 


Private Equity, Wall Street, Venture Capital, Technology, Blockchain, FinTech,

Startup Founder,

US, Western Europe, India